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French Food & Fashion

Chic Little Macaron Box

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Macarons are the Universe most delicate attention on this planet.
A luscious filling kissed by two round half-cookies made from beaten egg whites mixed with sugar and ground almonds.

Like Cinderella going to the ball with her special carriage, making her big entrance at the ball, these elegant little French delicacies have found the perfect carriage on their way to your friends house.

Practical, each box can carry 6 macarons safely with a little transparent window on top to see what's inside the box (and make sure no-one ate them on the way, lol).

Elegant, the box comes in 2 colors: lush green and blush pink.

A mom's life is not alway so glamorous. You can use these little boxes as convenient way to store any sweets or candies, and will make a unique snack box for your kids, or a sweet gift for a loved one.

🛸 Please note, the shipping time is approximately 4 weeks.

👩‍🍳 Perfect timing to start making your own macarons at until you receive your boxes. My macaron masterclass comes with two boxes shipped to your mailbox as a free gift when you join the masterclass. All you have to do is sign up for the course and tell me what color do you want.